I’m Graham. Welcome to Bushwick!


I’m a content strategist and consultant, television producer, writer, copywriter, editor, recovering lawyer, and possessor of a tremendous singing voice. I was born and raised on leafy avenues in Richmond, Virginia, but moved to Japan when I was ten. I lived there for a decade.

That’s why I can tell you with all kinds of authority: miso ramen is the best ramen.



Williamsburg Bridge

For the last two years, I served as Director of Content Innovation and International at the Aol/HuffPost content studio. I also worked as a reporter and producer for a major Japanese television network (yes, you read that right), covering the White House, State Department, Pentagon and the 2012 Election. I specialize in finding the right content voice, space and strategy for brands and publishers — whether that’s writing an article, a script or just some sizzling copy. I can help you with all your writing, editing, video production, design, booking, research, social media and filming needs.

I can make your creative vision come alive. Like Frankenstein. (Only it’ll be much prettier, and far less likely to be met with torch-bearing villagers.)

When not writing and producing, I enjoy running, reading, taking pictures, karaoke, playing around with photoshop, and wandering around New York City, where I gawk and tremble at the swirl of people and buildings as openly and open-mouthed as any tourist. I’m also on the second draft of my first novel — ask me for a sample chapter.

So, please, take a look around. Read a little! I hope you enjoy it. If you need me, you can reach me via the contact page.

I'm also great at carrying things.

I’m also great at carrying things.

Final Graham-Facts:

  • One strongly held belief: great cities smell. Tokyo stews in its wonderful trough of fish, rampant humidity, spoiling ginkgo nuts and crackling sweet potatoes.
  • My all-time favorite shoot was of an abandoned nuclear silo that had been turned into an Bond-villain-esque apartment.
  • I have suffered only one broken bone in my life: my skull. My parents think this explains many things.
  • On my first business trip, I was assigned to go undercover to film visiting North Korean dignitaries. The good news: I got the footage. The bad news: I am no longer welcome at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa in La Jolla, California.
  • There are many reasons to come to New York, but one that is not mentioned enough is the influence of Ghostbusters.
  • I count among my favorite storytellers Mark Twain, Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Thomas Pynchon, George Saunders, Zadie Smith, Italo Calvino, Joseph Conrad, Nabokov, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Grant Morrison. That’s just for starters.
  • My karaoke 十八番 is ウルフルズのバンザイ!