Mmark Twain, speaking to a group of writers, journalists, artists, and other assembled enemies of the state at Chesterplum College in 1897, gave us the following nugget of wisdom: “to all those young, hungry writers who approach me in supplication, seeking a tiny morsel of advice, I say this: in the name of our benevolent Maker, don’t go around asking for advice when you’re a hungry writer. Food, I’ve found, is a far wiser and more satisfying thing for which to beg. As befitting my station as a world-renowned and respected Gentleman of Letters, I find it most appropriate to ask for a Ribeyed Steak or a Roasted Breast of Duck, with potatoes and leeks and leaves of spinach abundant, but, really, the specifics I leave up to each writer’s individual palette. Nor should you beg me for food, since I have more important things to do, namely begging a far better class of people. You’ll get there with hard work, I assure you. The point, if I can come around to it, however obliquely, is that the songs of the Muses are damn near drowned out by the roar of a hungry belly.”

Actually, Mark Twain didn’t say that. I made it up. I mean, I’m sure he would have said that if he had a website and/or weren’t dead. But that’s getting away from the point, which was something about me being creative and starving.

All joking aside, please support a young writer. You can do it with your kind words or clicking like or–WAIT–how on EARTH did that get there? Is that a link to my PayPal account? Right there? In the footer? Yep, little to your left? No, now you went too far to your left? Where your mouse and/or digit is pointing at this very moment?

Wow. Color me surprised.

OK, actually, just click on links to my work, then click the LIKE or SHARE or TWEET button. That’d be so awesome.

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